Substance Abuse

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Substance abuse refers to the excessive and problematic use of substances, including drugs and alcohol, in a way that negatively impacts your physical health, mental well-being, social relationships, and overall functioning. 

Substance dependence can start with experimental use of alcohol or a  recreational drug in social situations, or as a means to numb or mask unwanted feelings. For some people, the drug or alcohol use becomes more frequent. For others, particularly with opioids, drug addiction begins when they take prescribed medicines or receive them from others who have prescriptions.

However it began, substance dependence can cause many problems, including physical health conditions, mental health issues, impaired judgment, strained relationships, legal and financial problems, or addiction. Treating substance dependence can be difficult, but there is hope.

How I help

  • Spiritual Support: I offer spiritual guidance and support, emphasizing the importance of faith in the healing process. This encourages you to draw strength from your relationship with God, find hope, and develop a sense of purpose beyond addiction.
  • Forgiveness and Redemption: I emphasize the concepts of forgiveness and redemption, helping you understand that you can find forgiveness for past mistakes and move towards a better future. This can be particularly powerful for those struggling with guilt and shame related to substance abuse.

  • Accountability: I encourage you to be accountable not only to yourself but also to God and your faith community. This accountability can help you stay motivated in your recovery and resist the temptation to relapse.

  • Identifying Root Causes: I work with you to explore the underlying emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues that may have contributed to substance abuse. By addressing these root causes, you can better understand your substance use and work towards healing.

  • Integration of Faith and Recovery: I help you integrate your faith with your recovery journey. This means finding ways to apply biblical principles and values to cope with cravings, stress, and triggers that may arise during the recovery process.

  • Prayer and Meditation: Prayer and meditation can be essential components of Christian therapy for substance abuse. They can help individuals find solace, inner peace, and a stronger connection to their faith while dealing with the complexities of addiction recovery. I pray with clients that choose to do so.

  • Life Purpose and Meaning: I help you rediscover your life's purpose and meaning beyond addiction. This sense of purpose can become a powerful motivator for staying on the path of recovery.

  • It's important to recognize that the effectiveness of therapy for addiction can vary from person to person, and some individuals may benefit from a combination of different therapeutic approaches. A personalized and comprehensive treatment plan, tailored to your unique needs, is often the most successful way to address addiction effectively. 

I will address the symptoms of your addiction and the related areas of impaired functioning, and together we’ll structure the time and content of your ongoing recovery.

I believe that there are many paths to successful recovery that will work with your goals and desires, and ensure you can make the life changes you want to make. Contact me today for a free consultation.