Finding the Right Therapist

Did you know that the top factor in the successful outcome of therapy is the client’s connection with a therapist? All modalities put aside, the relationship is the greatest factor of success.

Did you know that it is OK to interview your therapist? Most therapists offer a free consultation, which usually consists of a 15 minute phone or video chat. You can ask questions during that time to determine if this may be the therapist with whom you want to work.

What do you ask? You can ask about things that are important to you, possible connection points. If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, you may ask the therapist’s experience or approach working in those areas. If you are wanting to incorporate your faith, ask about the therapist’s worldview. 

You are embarking on a personal journey with someone you want to trust. That experience of trusting someone may not come easy to you, which is why you want to interview your potential therapist to see if you feel comfortable in those initial moments. If not, it’s OK to reach out to someone else.

I have been told I’m easy to talk to, and I show a lot of compassion. I’ve also been told that I’m direct, which some people like and others find too intense. It’s important for your therapeutic success that you find someone you feel comfortable sharing your life with.