About Jennifer

Hello! My name is Jennifer Grubbs, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I received my Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and my Master of Social Work degree from Indiana University South Bend. My career has focused on substance abuse issues and prevention, family relational problems, anxiety, depression, early childhood trauma, and self-esteem struggles.

I see each person as valuable in the eyes of God, so I approach therapy with that same value on each person. I use a variety of therapy techniques to show grace, confront hard truths, and build strengths in each person with whom I work. I help you identify connections in your life that may not be so easy to see, and I work with you to help you build up the strengths that you already have. I approach therapy from a holistic point of view, starting with the presenting issue, and moving outward from there. I hope therapy feels as comfortable as sharing a good cup of coffee with a friend, in that we chat, we discuss, we brainstorm together, and you leave each session feeling empowered, hopeful, and secure in who you are and who God created you to be.

I gave my life to Jesus in 2006, and I have matured in the Word and knowledge of Christ since. I am a wife, a mother of two young sons, an artist, and a gardener. I love coffee and quiet mornings, 80s hair bands, football, and everything about summertime.